Bracelet used in bone divination with other pieces in and around it.

I interpret things in, near, or touching the bracelet as actions – specifically things that will help the client’s situation. 

You can use anything you want to represent this. I just happened to start with a bracelet. A shell would work well too. I use a shell in a similar way to represent gifts. But what you use does not necessarily have to have an inner and outer area. You can just interpret things near or touching your chosen item as actions.

Bracelet used in bone divination with no other pieces nearby.

Sometimes there is nothing in, or around the action bracelet. I interpret that as there being nothing for the client to do, or that doing nothing would be the most helpful thing to do. We don’t have to react to everything.

Once in a while the bracelet falls in the shape of a  figure-eight, or infinity symbol. When this happens, I interpret this as being an auspicious time when one’s actions or work will be especially fruitful.

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