Gift Box

What gifts do you bring? Many, if not most people visit a diviner because they have an issue or problem that they need advice on. You do the reading pointing out this and that – how they got there, what’s going on now and where it looks like things are headed if nothing changes. But even though they came to you for help, you can only show them what you see. They are the one who has to make a decision to either let things play out or to actively work to change things. One thing that I have found useful in my bone set is a piece to represent the gifts the client brings to the situation in the reading. After I have pointed out what I see I look around to find that piece, look at what pieces are nearby,  and use that as a starting point in discussing how they can influence what the bones are showing. We all have gifts that we can use at any time to change the course of our lives. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us of that fact. This piece helps me to do that.

Paua Shell

This is a piece I bought at the Gem Faire as a possible replacement for the piece I currently use for gifts the querent brings. Of course I didn’t change the piece I currently have because it is like an old friend. But should it break in the future, I am ready.

 Happy Bone Reading!