Michele TeachingIf you are interested in learning to read the bones for yourself and others I have written a book that explains and demonstrates my method of bone reading. No two readers read alike and while I can show you how I read the bones, I can not teach you how you will read them. My goal in writing this book was not to teach you pieces and meanings to memorize by rote. My goal was to give you the information you need to develop meanings for your bone set and to interpret throws for yourself. Actual readings are explained piece by piece with illustrations so that you can follow along and see the mechanics of reading. You can read more information on my book in this blog post.

I am also available to teach my method of bone reading one on one or in a group setting. I can teach in person or via video Skype, Zoom, Apple Facetime, or Google Duo. The nature of this type of divination requires a visual method of communication so I can not teach by telephone or email. If you are interested in one on one training, a group class or having me teach at your shop or venue, please contact me.

I am often asked how many one on one classes would be needed to learn this method. I think one class is enough to get you reading at a basic level. After practicing on your own for a while a second class can be scheduled to go over any problems you may be having and to teach you some advanced techniques. You should have a set of bones before you schedule a one on one class with me.

I sell bone starter sets on a limited basis in conjunction with my classes and appearances. If you book a class with me and would like to purchase a starter set, please contact me via email. If you want a set, book your class giving yourself enough time to allow the set to be delivered via Priority Mail.



I signed up with Michele to take her one on one bone reading class, and it was just perfect. Michele is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn bone reading to take her class, you will not be disappointed. I was nervous in the beginning, but minutes into the lesson I became comfortable with her and with learning how to read my bone set.

LT, 9/5/2020

This was the best one on one training session of my life. Michele felt like family and was so encouraging, patient, and positive. I came away with a better understanding and a new confidence in my abilities for reading the bones.

KT, 7/25/2020

The spiritual insight was more than valuable. I’m thankful to have been a part of it. I Look forward to learning more from this divine sister. All praise due🙌

EF, 5/24/2020

Thank you, Michele! Your knowledge of casting the bones is amazing! You are so kind and patient. I find myself looking everywhere for pieces that might want to be in my casting set. Thank you so much for your time. Much gratitude, D

DA, 12/26/2020

I am also available to teach groups, or at metaphysical shops. Contact me via email and we can make plans.

Due to COVID 19 I will not be travelling, or doing in-person classes until 2021, but I am available to do virtual classes.

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