I did not do a blog entry last weekend because I was out of town visiting friends and working at the Mystic Dream’s Wisdom Festival. I had wonderful hosts, who fed me well, took me where I wanted to go, and did everything they could to make my stay stress free and fun. Of course, you are not interested in hearing about my vacation – you want to hear about bones. Rest assured, my weekend was full of bones and bone reading.

Mystic Dream Wisdom Weekend *

Thursday I went to The Bone Room. I believe that I could spend several days there. If time were not an issue I would start by the door and work my way around the store opening every drawer and examining every item on every shelf and in every display case. Unfortunately I have less time than I would like so I spend most of it in the section that has little drawers full of loose animal bones. I always find at least a few pieces that strike my fancy and this trip was no exception.

I found the shape of these turtle bones quite attractive and I am considering replacing the carved turtles in my sets with these. Instead of having just two sides like my carved turtles, these have three easily recognizable presentations – up, down or side. A fourth can be had by making a simple mark on one of the sides. I haven’t decided what meanings to assign to the different presentations and so far I have not swapped the turtles out. But once I have decided upon how I want to interpret these bones, and when the time is right, I will be probably be making a switch.

Turtle Bones

Turtle Bones fro a bone reading set

I also found these fused snake vertebrae interesting. I use the vertebra to represent a strong backbone, and flexibility. The fact that these bones are no longer flexible having fused together is interesting to me. It suggests a rigidity and inability to bend or give. I think it is a nice counterpoint to my current vertebrae, but I haven’t decided whether I want to include them or not.

Fused Snake vertebrae for a bone reading set

This lion bone caught my eye and while I have one in each of my sets already, this one may replace one of them in the future. I liked its size and brightness.

Lion bone for a bone reading set

I also got these bone hair sticks. I think they might make good reading pointers.

Bone Hair sticks for a bone reading set

On Friday one of my hosts and I made the visited the Lucky Mojo Curio Company. Here I bought some oils I needed but I also bought a wolf bone. I think wolves are beautiful animals, but I have never felt any particular bond with them. I have several friends who do have a strong affinity for wolves. I have a dog bone in each of my sets, and I think the wolf shares some canine traits, but it is also quite different. While we train our dogs, and therefore think of them as disciplined, watching any nature show about wolves hunting will show you what discipline and teamwork is. Each wolf has its job and does it well. Failure results in real hunger, unlike our domesticated dogs whose failures result in not getting the liver treat. I think it is different enough from the dog bone to make it useful and not redundant, but  I need to do some more research before I decide to add this bone to my set.

Wolf bone for a bone reading set

Saturday and Sunday I was fortunate to be a guest at The Mystic Dream’s Wisdom Weekend. I got to sit in on some excellent free lectures and do a lot of readings. The readings were short – only 10 minutes, but I enjoyed them and got to meet a lot of new people in a short span of time. I also gave a talk on bone reading – my favorite subject!  Sunday night my hosts made me a dinner to die for. The entire weekend was great and I look forward to working at the Mystic Dream’s Wisdom Festival again  next year if they will have me back.

Introduction to Bone Reading Workshop

Introduction to Bone Reading Workshop

The owners of the Mystic Dream and me.

Me and the owners of The Mystic Dream


Happy Bone Reading!

Photographs of me and of the owners of the Mystic Dream were taken by Coastside Conjure and are used with permission.