Mother of Pearl Birds used in bone divination

Mother of Pearl Birds

There is a Mother of Pearl bird in my set to represent messages from spirit or from the ancestors.  It may be near a particular ancestor piece, in which case it could be a message from that ancestor. But no matter where it is on the cloth, if it is face up there will be a gift from spirit whether a message, or just the knowledge that the client has a gift in this area. That is not to say that if the bird is face down that the person has no spiritual gifts, nor any ability to communicate with spirits, just that there is no need to give the client that information at this time. When the bird is right side up it may be that the person has been working with spirits for a long time and just needs a reminder, or it may be a push from a specific ancestor, or the person has never tried communicating with or working with spirits and the ancestors want them to try.

I believe we all have the ability to communicate with our ancestors. Like any other talent some of us are more gifted than others, but I believe they hear us no matter what, and if we pay attention carefully they are communicating with us as well. We may actually hear them speak to us, or we could have a dream with the information we need, or we could start noticing signs. A client could have the bird be face up in one reading and face down in the next. Their abilities haven’t changed – the information they need to hear at that time from the reading is just different.

Two carved bone birds and several different sea shell birds. used in bone divination

Two carved bone birds and several different sea shell birds.

Happy Bone Reading!

PS – if you get a one-on-one bone reading lesson from me, I mail you a Mother of Pearl bird. Bone readings are messages from the ancestors and the bird symbolizes that. It is a small token of thanks from me. You can use it or not in your set. I understand that every set is different and this piece may not resonate with you. I will not be hurt, or offended if you do not use it. You can also use it to mean anything you like. It doesn’t have to be a messenger.