I have found a domino to be a useful piece in my bone sets. The domino can have the numbered side showing or the blank side showing. If the numbered side is showing, I interpret that as the client is aware of the situation. They have a good idea of just what is going on, or just what the problem is. If the blank, or back side is showing the client is likely in the dark. There is something they don’t know about the current situation and they may not have enough knowledge to take rational action.

Other pieces can shed additional light on this. If the domino is face/numbered side up, I look for further confirmation in the cat’s eye shell. If it is showing the eye, the client is going in with their eyes open. If it is face down while the domino is face up, the client knows what is going on, but there may be something that they are not seeing. I then look for the mask which indicates a secret. If it is face up the reason the client can’t see may be that someone is hiding, or withholding something. If the mask is face down the client is not seeing for some other reason. Location is important too. If the mask is face up on the far reaches of the cloth, far removed from the action so to speak, the secret may not be very important. If it is near a person piece, it could be indicating who the secret keeper is. Likewise, if the cat’s eye shell is far away on the edges of the reading, whatever you are missing may not be very important.

mahong piece for bone divination

A mahjong piece is similarly sized and shaped and could serve the same purpose.

I’m not going to explain the whole thing again with the domino face down – I’m sure you get the idea. You could also choose a domino with numbers that were meaningful for you and incorporate those numbers into your reading as well. Perhaps a piece landing on or touching a certain number could have a particular meaning for you.

Another way to use the domino is to use it to represent the client his or herself. Again, its being double sided provides the additional information of whether the client is aware or not, participating or not, interested or not, etc. While I have a separate client piece, there is no reason why the domino could not be used this way, especially if you are trying to keep the number of pieces in your set smaller.

Of course you don’t have to have a domino – you could use anything that has two sides to represent the client’s awareness about the issue. I have been seeing antique Mahjong pieces at the jewelry and bead shows recently and they could serve the same purpose. You could also decide that you don’t need this piece at all. It’s not vital for a reading – it’s more of a “nice to have” piece in my mind. I find it useful, but try it for yourself and see if it adds anything to your readings.

Happy Bone Reading!