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The moon has fascinated human beings since the beginning of our existence.  It has a measurable physical impact on our planet, and it is important in many different contemporary forms of spirituality, including my own. I have two different pieces in my bone sets to represent the moon – a Full Moon piece and a New Moon Piece.

The earliest human beings noticed that the moon has a predictable cycle – from new, to full, and back to new again. The full moon is when the moon looks its largest and barring clouds or fog, the light side of the moon is entirely visible to us. It lights up our surroundings at night – not as well as the sun, but well enough for us to see enough to get around.  This informs my meaning for this piece – it represents things becoming clear and visible.

When the moon is full it is also at the apogee of its cycle. I use this in my interpretation as well – the full moon piece means that things are coming to a resolution. The moon is at the highest point of its cycle – things are coming to a head. Coupled with the idea of things being made visible, it can represent clarity. If we have been doubtful or uncertain, we can now see the path. If we are in a situation that we are unhappy with, we know it will soon be concluded or resolved. Conversely, if we are in a good situation, we may be getting to the point where things are as good as they are going to get. Of course, there are many other interpretations that can be given to a moon piece – it could represent cycles, or mystery, or even gender. Your own understanding of the moon and its symbolism will inform your interpretation.

Abalone shell disk.

Abalone shell disk.

The cut shell I use has a convex and concave side that is easily distinguishable so I read the convex side as the moon being a factor in the reading, and if it is concave I interpret it as silent. Things nearby can shed light on what situation or area the full moon is referring to. I could have chosen to have the concave side represent the new moon, but I have another piece for that which I will talk about in a future blog post.

There are many different things that can be used as a full moon piece. Since the moon is so observable to us it has been portrayed in countless ways, including carvings, jewelry, coins, and charms, which make finding something suitable for your bone set easy. If anything you may be overwhelmed by the choices available.

I find this piece to be quite useful in my readings. You might want to try it and see how it works for you.


Happy Bone Reading!

Full moon image by By Aynet – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,