Possum Rib

In my set this broken Possum rib represents something in our past that we have healed from.

We are complicated creatures and we tend to make things complicated for ourselves. Our minds are full of information and facts about everything we come into contact with, and if we don’t have a lot of information about something we are interested in, we immediately set out to acquire that information. In bone reading this can be both a blessing and a curse.

It is wonderful when we have a lot of information about a particular bone or piece. When that bone falls in a key place in a reading all of that knowledge can bring a richness and subtlety to our interpretation of that bone on its own and in relationship to the the pieces around it. That is the blessing of having a lot of information about a particular bone or piece.

On the other hand, sometimes having a lot of information about a bone can cause us difficulty. If we have a lot of information and facts about a bone, which facts are pertinent in which cases? This is where simplicity come into play. I recommend that each bone or piece in your set have one primary, simple, one or two words if possible, meaning. That way you always have a clear starting point. From there you can start to apply the other information you know about the piece if it will enhance the client’s understanding, or not. Sometimes providing too much information creates confusion rather than clarity, so it is often best to keep things simple and direct.

When we acquire new bones or pieces our minds are often spinning with possible meanings. This is part of the fun of getting new pieces. But once we decide to add that piece to our set we should choose just one simple meaning and push all the other possibilities to the back of our mind. If during a reading you get information from your ancestors, or spirits, or intuition that one of the other possible meanings is more appropriate, by all means go with that. But you don’t want to find yourself looking at a bone during a reading and trying to decide what it means from among a dozen different possibilities that you have floating around in your head because you haven’t pinned down one simple meaning for that piece.

I recommend that you start with the simple meaning and if so moved, flesh it out with your additional knowledge. That is much easier than starting with all of your knowledge at the front of your mind and then trying to pull simplicity from the many choices floating around in your head.

Possum rib

Just some of the possible directions one can take in coming up with a meaning for this bone. However, all this information can be confusing if you have not settled on one primary meaning for this bone.


Happy Bone Reading!