Bone Divination Classes with Michele Jackson

I offer bone reading classes. In order to take a class long distance you must have Skype, Google Hangouts, or some other video enhanced communication method. I have to see what you are doing and I want you to be able to see what I am doing as well. You will get much more out of the class if you already have a set of bones. That way we can work with your set, enhancing your familiarity with your set, and your retention of meanings if you are just starting out. While I can teach you using my set, or a starter set, I think you will get a lot more out of it using your own.

The class begins with me asking you about your level of bone reading expertise. This can range from “I haven’t done anything with them,” to “I am already reading professionally and want to sharpen my skills.” When I first started teaching most of the people I taught fell into the former category. As bone reading is starting to gain popularity I find that most of the people who take a class with me now are already reading – some even professionally. There may be a particular area that gives them difficulty or they just want some additional pointers. No matter what your level, I am sure you will get something worthwhile out of the class. My goal is for you to leave the class confident in your ability to read the bones. If you are a beginner this means you will have started to assign meanings to your pieces and have a plan and means of completing that task. You may have some new ideas for pieces that you want to add to your set. Beginners should also leave with an understanding of how to interpret pieces in groups, and how to interpret the reading as a whole. If you are already doing readings my goal is for you to leave with the means to strengthen any problem or weak areas you may have.

I am very flexible on time – if a new reader needs more than an hour to feel comfortable that is not a problem. When I book a class I block off additional time in my schedule as well so as to have enough time to ensure we have covered everything and that the student has a basic level of comfort and confidence in their ability to do a basic reading. I do not charge extra if we run over time. You will not need to take a series of classes – one should do it. Again, my goal is to have you leave the class confident in your ability to do a basic reading. Practice will sharpen your skills further, but you don’t need me for that. If at some future date you would like to take another class to further enhance your skills, or to work on problems you might be having I will still be available.

If you are already doing bone readings and just want to sharpen your skills, it would be helpful if you were to take a few moments to write down any specific questions or problem areas before we meet so that you don’t get caught up in the moment and forget to ask before the class is over.

I also send anyone who takes a class with me a gift of a piece that you can add to your bone set. Of course you can choose not to add it as well. I won’t be offended – each set is a personal reflection of that reader’s needs, understanding, and aesthetics, so I understand completely if what I send doesn’t fit your vision. Maybe you can pass it on to someone you know who is just starting out or keep it as a memento of the class.

To sign up for a class just go to my bookeo.

Happy Bone Reading!