Bear Family

Bear family with father, mother and child pieces.

We all have family and hopefully we all have friends. Most of us interact with family and friends frequently, if not daily and these are the folks who most likely have the largest influence on us and in our lives. Hopefully our relationships with these folks are positive, but being human it is likely that misunderstandings and friction occur from time to time. When problems occur the bones can be helpful. One can ask how to strengthen or repair a relationship, or even just what is going on in a relationship. It is also possible that past issues involving family and friends can still be affecting us, even if they happened long ago and we thought we had put them behind us. The bones can help us see these past issues for what they are, and they can help us to act in ways that will help us to enhance our lives rather than continue to be negatively affected by our pasts.

To use the bones for these types of issues it would be helpful to have pieces to represent those people. In my travel set I have bones to represent the mother, the father and a close friend. These pieces stay in the set all of the time, but you could also have pieces to represent these people who you only add to the set for questions involving them. In my main set I have many more family pieces including grandparents from both the paternal and maternal sides of the family, as well as other ancestor and people pieces.  In both my sets I also have a piece to represent a close friend.

good friend

Silver cowrie that represents a good friend.

You could take this idea and adjust it to suit your needs.You might want to have more ancestor pieces, or you could add pieces to represent the people in a particular situation. You could add a piece for someone who you feel is opposed to you in a situation. Again, these could be used for reading about a particular situation and then removed, or you could decide to leave some of these pieces in your set all of the time. You might want to keep a few extra pieces cleansed and ready in a small bag or container for use when these type of questions come up.

Happy Bone Reading!