tumbled jasper pink with white spot

Top view of jasper representing an unexpected gift that brings happiness and joy.

I tell my students that creating a bone divination set is a magical process. The early days especially, when you are first starting to figure out what you need and adding pieces to your set, are the most magical of all.

But the magic never ends. I have been reading the bones for almost a decade now, and this morning I was reminded that pieces can find their way to you at any time, no matter how complete you think your set is.

This morning I was walking my dog around the neighborhood as I do every day, and I saw a car pull up in front of a house on the next block. As I got to the car a couple got out. They were older and both wearing bright tie-dyed tee shirts.  The man stepped away from his car and spoke to me. I turned off my earphone and spoke with him as he seemed interested in my dog. He asked my name and the dog’s name. He told me his name was Tom.  I sat my dog down so he could pet her if he wanted to, but he didn’t so I got her up to go. He said, “I have a gift for you! Open your hand.” I did (careful to maintain social distancing) and he placed a stone in it. He said that it was a piece of jasper. After thanking him and exchanging a few more pleasantries I started on my way again. I stopped and turned to tell him “I am going to use this!” And I am. I am adding it to my set to represent an unexpected gift that brings joy and happiness.

It has a white marking on one surface, so I will use that side as indicating that the piece is speaking. If any other surface is face-up I will read it as being silent. I love the colors, and I am still thinking about the fact that the man had it in his hand ready to gift someone when I happened along his path.

It’s been a while since I have made any changes to my set, but adding a new piece still gives me the same rush and feeling of happiness it did when I was first starting out.

May your day bring you unexpected gifts of happiness and joy!


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