Ritual Witch Bone Reading Set in bag.I got this set from The Ritual Witch Shop over a year ago, and sadly they are no longer available. The shop owner says that she will have sets with different pieces after the New Year, so if you are interested check back after the holidays.


Ritual Witch Bone Reading Set Pieces

The set comes with: 3 chicken leg bones, a raccoon baculum, 3 purple cowrie shells, 1 abalone shell, 1 clear quartz, 1 evil eye bead, 1 chicken foot, 1 water buffalo tooth, 1 mini wish bone, 1 snake vertebra, 1 horseshoe charm, 1 skeleton key charm, 1 pretty bead, 1 pair of dice, 1 bone skull, 8 small porcupine quills, 1 broom, 1 cloth doll



Ritual Witch Bone Reading Set


Ritual Witch Bone Reading Set

A one page sheet with brief suggested meanings came with the set. As previously stated this set is no longer available but The Ritual Witch Shop plans to offer bone sets again after the New year.

The Ritual Witch Shop


Happy Bone Reading!