khi-armand-bone-readerKhi Armand is an author, rootworker, and diviner. He has written two books – Deliverance: Hoodoo Spells of Uncrossing, Healing, and Protection, and Clearing Spaces: Inspirational Techniques to Heal Your Home, scheduled for release January 2017.

  • How did you get started in bone reading?

My introduction to bone reading actually happened during my first visit to the Lucky Mojo Curio Company in Forestville, CA. I just happened to catch the proprietor, ms. catherine yronwode, as she was working that day. We sat down on the ground and she gave me a short impromptu palm reading. She said that based on my aptitude for performance (as seen in my palm) I’d be particularly good at bone reading, and that they had just started stocking sets in the store. I picked one up that day.

  • How long have you been reading bones? 

I’ve been reading them for about 4 years now.

  • Did you have any teachers? Who? 

Well, you’ve been one of them! There was a time when my spirits were really nudging me to work more with my bones and you provided me with a wonderful session that went far in boosting my confidence with them. Then there’s been ms. catherine yronwode. And I’d be loath to not mention your incredible book, Bones, Shells, & Curios

  • Where did you get your bone pieces?

Some of the bone pieces I started out with have been replaced by pieces that feel more true to me, coming from dice sets, natural history stores, and found objects and tchotchkes.

  • How many bones in your set? 

At the moment, there are 47 pieces in my bone set. I imagine that it will be in flux for the rest of my life – I’m always adding pieces and, sometimes, removing ones that no longer feel helpful as my practice evolves.

  • Do you use a special cloth or reading surface?

I do. I have a small goat skin for reading bones on.

  • Did you do any consecration ceremony for them? 

Yes, I tend to do a fair amount of re-consecrating as I feel the need arises or as I add new pieces to my bone set. Smoking my pieces in an appropriate incense blend is how I usually accomplish this.

  • Do you cleanse them? 

I do cleanse my bones – my own tend to like to being sprayed with floral waters and perfumes between sessions.

  • Do you do anything special before a reading – invocations, prayers, etc? khi-armand-bone-reader-3

I do – because my bone set has so many different pieces in it that speak to so many different aspects of my practice and the different traditions I’m a part of, I like to affirm both my and my clients’ connection to all things, including primordial elemental forces, before starting a bone reading. In a way, all creation is welcome at the table to speak on behalf of this person’s destiny and current experience of reality as represented by so many different bones, stones, metals, and other objects present in my set. It’s the most shamanic of my mechanical divinatory tools – that is, those that actually require physical movement or manipulation.

  • How do you think the bones work? Ancestors? Spirits? Etc. 

Of all my mechanical divinatory tools (versus outright mediumship and shamanic journeywork), bone reading is by far my most mediumis
tic. Something about throwing them triggers immediate spirit contact for me so, although I’m reading the bones on my skin, talking to them and seeing their placement in relation to one another, I’m also receiving a great amount information from my helping spirits. I have a female African ancestor who is particularly drawn to my bone reading work and we make a great team.

  • Do you throw all of your bones or some subset?

I tend to throw all of my bones.

  • Do you read for yourself? Some people feel that they do not do well reading for themselves. 

I’ve given myself very few bone readings over the years as I tend toward tarot and shamanic trance work when investigating personal issues, which I generally like to do piecemeal, like exploring and repairing part of an airplane mid-flight. My bone readings, though they can clue into specific information, tend to be very broad in scope, like a 72-card tarot layout, and it’s very rare for me to seek out something like that for myself.

  • Do you teach bone reading?

I haven’t had any requests but I’d certainly be open to it.

  • What advice do you have for bone readers just starting out?

One would be to get your book, Bones, Shells, and Curios, and another would be to get readings from many different reputable readers. Seeing different peoples’ styles and interpretation methods can be tremendous support to one’s own practice.

  • Do you read professionally?

I do! You can contact me for a reading or other services at: Impact Shamanism ( and Greenwood Conjure (

Bone Reading Set

Happy Bone Reading!