New BagI just got back from Forestville, where I did a workshop on How to Create Your Own Tarot Deck. I also did some bone readings and I got to see and talk to several other bone readers. I was not able to attend every workshop but I learned so much from those that I did attend, and I got to see many old and dear friends.

I also picked up some new things from Lucky Mojo that I will be sharing here. I had been on the lookout for a nice bag to carry things that I use in some bone readings that I don’t keep in my bone box. Mostly extra pieces like the abalone shell pieces that I sometimes use to represent people. I got the idea from cat yronwode, who mentions using Magnetic Scottie Dogs to represent couples. I started out using the Scottie Dogs for relationship readings, but I noticed that they were the only pieces in my set that were not made from natural materials so I replaced them with abalone shell pieces. If the reading concerns a relationship of some type I pick one piece to represent each party. They look different enough to be easily distinguishable in the throw. I still carry the Scottie Dogs in the bag too.

abalone shell pieces