Ancient Ancestor

In both my bone sets I have a piece that represents an ancient ancestor. It is an ancestor so far back that we can no longer know if it was male or female, or whether it is a relative from the mother’s side, or the father’s side. The only thing we know about it is that it is ancient and powerful.

I searched long and hard for a special shell to represent this piece. I didn’t know just what I was looking for, but I knew I would recognize it when I saw it. As it turns out, I recognized it when I picked it up and held it in my hand. I picked it up because it was different from all the other shells in that bin. When I turned it over and looked at the price I saw it cost a lot more too – it had apparently been placed in the wrong bin by am employee or a customer. But when I held it in my hand while looking for its proper home, I could feel an energy coming from it. I put it in my basket and decided to think about it while I continued shopping. Long story made short – I ended up buying that shell. I have yet to see another like it. I have seen other shells of that species, but not with its pattern and coloring.

In my book I described it as “Ancient Ancestors,” but I don’t think I really explained it much beyond that. When it is near a person I look to see if there is a message. But even if there is no message, the presence of this piece nearby tells me that the client has an ancestor like this nearby watching over them. To me this is a special blessing. At the point this ancestor appears in your family tree they may have hundreds, if not thousands of blood descendants. That they are taking a particular interest in you out of all those others implies a gift.  It could be that you share a similar gift or calling in life. I generally think of these gifts as gifts of the spirit – healing, or divination, or a creative talent. I think it has to be something that is universal throughout time. Every generation in every culture had healers, diviners, and artisans.

Recently, in a conversation with Ancestor Healing he said that “the ancestors that are far back in our bloodlines appear the weakest to our intellect, but they have the most powerful energy.” That sums up nicely how I feel about this piece. Ancestors like this are hard to imagine or get a mental image of – we have so little to go on, but they themselves have the wisdom of ages. If in your self readings this ancestor keeps making it’s presence known you might want to consider doing a reading with just this ancestor. You might also consider getting an ancestor reading of some type in order to get more information. I have listed some readers who offer this type of reading in the right hand sidebar of this post . It is by no means an exhaustive list, and I am certain that I have left off many fine readers offering this type of reading. There are several different reading styles and mediums represented. While several are bone readers, they may or may not use the bones for this type of reading.  If you are interested in an ancestor reading, check out their web pages and then contact them if you still have questions to find out which is the best fit for your needs. If you are a reader who offers this type of reading on your website who would like to be listed, please let me know.

Mole Cowrie Shell

Happy Bone Reading!