shingle-webA while back I visited the folks at The Mystic Dream in Walnut Creek.  While there I got my first bone reading from Chas, one of the owners and I immediately knew that I wanted to learn to do this type of divination.

The next day my hosts took me to Lucky Mojo where I bought my first set of bones. cat yronwode was there and graciously took some time to demonstrate how to use them and to give me some pointers.  I got so much information that I couldn’t absorb it all. Fortunately, many of the things she told me were in her book so I was able to recall much of what I had forgotten when  saw it again in the book. The rest is history.

All this is background to how I got this magnificent sign. While I was at the Mystic Dream I saw the beautiful signs designed by Chas for various types of divination and I asked him to design one for bone readings. He agreed and I got my sign when I saw him in Forestville. To say I was pleased is to seriously understate my delight.

You can get one of your own here: