We all have secrets. If you agree with that then you can agree that all of the people in our lives have secrets too. Most of the time our secrets and theirs are of little consequence. We could be hiding something embarrassing, or something that happened a long time ago that we have come to terms with and filed away in the back of our consciousness. We don’t think about it any more and it has no impact on our current life. However, some secrets are important. The information being kept from us or unknown to us can have a big impact on a decision we are trying to make or even on our whole lives.


I have a piece to represent secrets, or something unknown to us, or hidden from us. It is a mask carved from bone. If the mask is showing it’s face, there is something about the situation or person that we don’t know that is important. Other pieces around the mask may give you some more information. Is it near a person? Then that person could be the one who has a secret, or that person could be the secret. Is a coin nearby? If face-up there could be financial information you don’t know – if face down there could be debt. Is the piece for the element fire nearby? There could be a secret passion, or you may be dealing with a person who has fire underneath his or her cool exterior. Ring nearby? Maybe he’s married, or maybe she has a commitment to someone or something else that she hasn’t mentioned yet. Fishing weight nearby? The secret could be weighing on the person – it’s a burden to them. I could go on, but you get the idea.


Of course you can use anything you like to represent a secret. A particular bone, a shell, a coin, or some other curio will work just as well as a mask. I would suggest that whatever you use have two distinct sides, but even that is not a necessity.


Of course when you tell a client there is a secret they want to know if it will come out. I don’t have a piece for that, but other pieces can help you out here. Follow the reading from the secret piece. Is one of the jaws face up nearby? Someone is talking – for good or bad. How about the eye – it is open or face down? The key – is a door opening? Then maybe something will be revealed on the other side. Coyote baculum? The secret keeper could have their secret¬†betrayed. Full moon face up? The full moon lights up what is hidden in the dark. How is the domino laying? Face up means the client is aware which would strengthen other indications that the secret will be revealed.¬†Face down the client is in the dark – maybe he or she will never find out, or find out too late to be of use.

Of course there is a possibility that none of the other pieces give a strong indication one way or the other. In that case “I don’t know if it will come out” is a perfectly acceptable answer. You can advise the client to make sure that they do their “due diligence” before making a decision about the matter.

Happy Bone Reading!