There are a few ways that you can approach doing a reading for the coming year, whether for yourself or others. The most simplest and most straightforward way would be to simply do a throw asking about 2016 in general.

You could also break your question down into several parts and do a throw for each. For example you could ask:

   What can I do to make this the best year possible?

   What pitfalls should I look out for in 2016?

You could break the year down into parts – seasons, or quarters, or even months, and do a throw for each part. You could also break the reading into key areas – love, finances, career, spirituality, etc., and do a throw for each area. You could throw the entire set, or reach in and grab a handful for each area, returning it to the container before pulling for the next question.

You could also do a combination of any of the above – a general throw for the year with separate throws for specific questions that you want more details about.

No matter how you go about it, I recommend that you document the reading with photographs of each throw. If you choose to do a month by month, or some other method that requires several throws, you can record detailed notes after each throw, or  jot down a few notes with your initial impressions of each throw, and fill in detail later from your photos. You could print these photos out for your journal if you keep one, or just keep them available as files to refer to in the future.


Happy Bone Reading!