My last post was about methods of casting a reading for the year. Let’s try one of them for the month of January. For this sample I just grabbed a handful of bones out of a basket. Here is what I pulled:




My eye is first drawn to the wishbone standing straight up being propped up by the piece for fear (skull and crossbones). Its hard to see in the photo, but the wishbone is standing straight up perpendicular to the skull and crossbones. I have never seen these two pieces interact this way, but my first thought was that there is potential for something here, but it is entangled in fear. Nearby is the piece for luck (whole nutmeg). If one can untangle the potential from their fear luck could be on their side.

Next my eye was drawn to the group with the home (cowrie shell), an adult (purple cowrie shell), and something going on that is not visible (new moon). Something involving an adult is going on about, or near home, but it hasn’t become apparent yet. It is happening, just not visible. Nearby is the piece representing an obstacle (stone – on its side indicates it is not a huge obstacle), followed by sacrifice (crucifix face up), followed by the elephant that represents breaking through obstacles.

So something is happening in, or near the home involving an adult. It is not visible to us, but it is happening none the less. Eventually it will come to light just as the new moon eventually becomes visible.  There is an obstacle, requiring sacrifice, but we have the means to overcome it. There is potential for luck, but it is being held by fear – or there is potential for something being held by fear – breaking free could lead to luck.


If this were my reading I would think about something I have wanted to do or try, but was fearful about. If I was dealing with something like that I might take a chance now and try it. Luck could be on my side. I would also think about what was going on around my home that involved someone else. If I am facing an obstacle in my life I now know that I can be victorious, but that it will not be easy and will require sacrifice. Note the separator – the home issue is separated from the issue involving potential and I would interpret them accordingly. The obstacle could be about the home issue, or an entirely different issue involving an obstacle.


Perhaps your eye is drawn this way – untangling your potential from your fears leading to luck and a breakthrough. Perhaps you see the obstacle as part of the upper group, with sacrifice hanging over the entire throw. Or you may look at the original throw and come up with entirely different interpretations. Since this was only a handful of bones I assumed that all of them are relevant. You may decide differently. Your eye may be drawn to different things and in different directions. You may group things differently, or interpret these pieces together differently, and that is fine as long as it is consistent with your understanding of the bones.

I hope you will try a reading for the year, but even if you don’t I wish you a Happy New Year, and I hope that 2016 is your best year ever!


Happy Bone Reading!