new moon
  1. the phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and invisible from earth, or shortly thereafter when it appears as a slender crescent.
    • the time when the new moon occurs.*

I have a piece in my set to represent the New Moon. I use it to represent things that are happening that are not yet visible. When we look at the night sky during the new moon, we may not see the moon at all. But we know that the moon is still there. Likewise, when this piece is active  in a reading, things are happening around the situation it is addressing, we just can’t see them yet. And just like the moon will become visible again, whatever is happening will soon become apparent.

This piece can be reassuring if things feel stagnant, or if it feels like no progress is being made on an issue. Things are happening behind the scenes, you just don’t see them yet. It can also be a warning that something you thought had been resolved is still percolating under the surface. It will eventually boil over and into view, for good or bad.

Carved bone crescent moon.

Carved bone crescent moon.

A crescent moon charm, a small black disk, or anything that suggests the new moon to you can be used for this piece.The new moon and the full moon pieces have both served me well, showing me and my client likely movement in the situations they address. Of course, there is so much information about the moon – scientific, mythical, and spiritual, that you may come up with meanings that do not resemble mine in any way. That is the beauty of bone reading – meanings come from our heads, hearts, souls, and spirits.

Bonus – Sylvia Payne has created a short video presentation on creating a bone set. You can see it here: Building a Bone Reading Set


Happy Bone Reading!

*definition from Google

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