new-bone-bag-1A few months ago I started seeing beautifully crafted leather bags in my Facebook timeline. They were being made by Jonathan E. Emmett. I finally decided to purchase one. When I contacted him he asked what I was looking for specifically and we discussed it via several Facebook Instant Messages. I wanted a bag that was larger than usual, and I wanted a stiffer leather because I wanted to try my hand at casting directly from the bag. Once we finalized the requirements he went to work and a few weeks later I got my bag in the mail. It was better than I had imagined it. The fine attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the bag – most of the seams have colorful felt trim as an accent. My favorite detail is the vertebrae circling the middle seam. What could be more appropriate for a bone set?

When I fold the top half down, the bag forms a bucket-like shape that I can cast from. Again, I asked for a thicker than usual leather to make this possible. It took a little trial and error to determine how to cast from the folded down bag, but I figured out where and how to hold it to get the best throw. Now the basket that I had been using to store and carry my bones is optional instead of required. It was awkward to travel with and now I can carry just the lid if I want to cast from the basket, or leave the entire thing at home and use just the bag.

Based on the quality of the leather, the heavy-duty stitching, and the workmanship I believe I will be using it for many, many years.

If you are looking for a beautiful, yet functional, high quality bag, made to your specific requirements send Jonathan E. Emmett, an Instant Message on Facebook and see if he can create the perfect leather bag for you.Bone Bag Folded Down


Casting from the bag

Bones in bag

New Bone Bag

Bone Bag Detail

Close up of decoration. It goes all the way around the bag.

Bone Reading Workshop Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2016

Bone Reading Workshop Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2016

Happy Bone Reading!