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Ambrozine LeGare is a poet, an actress, a performance artist, a priestess, and a diviner. She is probably best known for her long-running, poetry themed radio show Liquid Libations.

· How did you get started in bone reading?

I got started in bone reading quite by chance. I was at my soon-to-be Godfather’s birthday party and he took out his bone set to give a reading to one of the guests in attendance. This was my first time seeing anyone throw bones. When he threw the bones for his guest, I was able to read them. I was hooked on bone reading from that moment on.

· How long have you been reading bones?

I have been reading bones for three years.

· Did you have any teachers? Who?

Surprisingly, I have yet to have any formal teachers to learn how to read bones. I have, however, been inspired by and have learned from books written by Michele Jackson, Catherine Yronwood, and Claire O’Neill. I also seek out any books and videos about the history of bone reading.

· Where did you get your bone pieces?

I typically buy, or I am gifted bones. I also “find” pieces during my travels.

· How many bones in your set?

At the moment, I have 30 different types of bones in my set.

· How long did it take you to put your set together?

It took me the better part of a year to put together what I like to call my “core” set of pieces that I use in each reading.

· Are you still adding pieces?

Yes. I think that I will be adding and removing pieces for many years to come.

· Do you use a special cloth or reading surface?

Yes I do. I use a special cloth from South Africa that was blessed and gifted to me by a Priest.


Bone Reading Cloth Ambrozine LeGare

· Did you do any consecration ceremony for them?

I do have a consecration ceremony for my bone set. I also have a special day that I set aside to feed and renew them.

· Do you cleanse them?

I certainly do. Keeping all of my divination tools clean is a must in my divinatory practice. I do a cleanse with incense at the close of reading sessions and a bigger more thorough cleansing once a month (more often if necessary).

· Do you do anything special before a reading – invocations, prayers, etc?

In my divinatory practice, I give thanks, pray and do invocations before starting any reading session.

· How do you think the bones work? Ancestors? Spirits? Etc.

Depending upon the person, the bones can work a number of ways. For me, the bones work via a combination of my own Spirits (ancestors and spirit court) and the spirits of the person that I am reading for.

· Do you throw all of your bones or some subset?

Typically, I will throw a subset of my bones. Not every reading will call for the full set to be thrown. For readings that look at time periods that range from 6 months to a year and/or a full life reading, I may be guided to throw the entire set.

· Do you read for yourself? Some people feel that they do not do well reading for themselves.

I do read for myself but, if I feel that I need an unbiased look at a personal situation I will have someone else read for me.

· Do you teach bone reading?

This is a yes and no answer. While I do not teach formally, I will teach what I have learned and do my best to educate clients about the bones that they are looking at. I feel that it is important for those that receive bone readings to have at the very least, a basic understanding of what they are looking at and are being told.

· What advice do you have for bone readers just starting out?

The best advice that I can give to bone readers just starting out is to trust your intuition. Doubt of any kind can lead one not giving an accurate reading. Take the time to learn about the history of bone reading, do not stop at just reading one or two books and taking a class. Bond with your bone set and “listen” to what each piece has to say.

· Do you read professionally?

Yes, I do.

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Bone Reading Set Ambrozine LeGare 3

Ambrozine LeGare May 21, 2016

Happy Bone Reading!


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