Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2014

The Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2014 is happening the first weekend in May (May 3rd and 4th). This year is really going to be special because you will be able to attend all of the workshops on a given day for one price for the entire day.  If you attend both days you get a discount. The workshops are always excellent.  Many are “hands on” and all of them have free goodies. There will be 5 new books — 4 complete 96-page books, plus a special 96-page advance preview edition of a much longer book to released later in the year. Those who get the preview edition will be mailed the full version of the book when it is released in June for the same low price – free! Attendees will get the books released for the day they attend. Attend both days and get all 5! I am still using last year’s one free book – The Black Folder.

The festival starts on Saturday with a Quimbanda Opening Ceremony for Exu by Conjureman Ali, an initiated TaTa (priest) from The House of Quimbanda. Wildcrafting for Herbal Magic is next and it will be a don’t miss event.  Miss Cat is an acknowledged expert on the subject and the grounds around the church have many different herbs and plants useful for Hoodoo. This will be a hands-on, walk around the grounds event, not just a lecture.  I can assure you that this workshop will enhance your knowledge of herbs.

Bathing and Cleansing Spells will expand your knowledge of this fundamental subject and the free book by Aura LaForest looks likely become one of my “go to” books on Hoodoo. The three presenters for this workshop come from varied backgrounds so you will be getting a well-rounded presentation on the subject with demonstrations. There will be a Panel Discussion on Favorite Money Spells, and let’s face it, who is not interested in learning ways to bring in more money? Six experienced workers will be on this panel bringing a wide breadth of knowledge.

As a long time Tarot fan I am especially looking forward to Using Tarot, Lenormand, and Playing Cards in Rootwork by Madame Nadia. Many readers use cards of some type as their primary divination tool. This workshop will not be about reading in general, instead it will focus on and demonstrate how to use cartomancy as a diagnostic tool in working for your client.  Saturday’s last workshop will be Dr. Johannes’  Introduction to Swedish Trolldom. Swedish Folkmagic is a fascinating subject, but little information has been available outside of academia. Dr. Johannes’ new book contains a wealth of information on this topic from an actual practitioner and all attendees will receive a preview copy of the book at the festival followed by a full copy of the finished book when it is published in June. The full book will have more than 600 spells to ease childbirth, restore destroyed conditions, break curses, remove the evil eye, staunch blood, awaken love, enhance sex, reunite lovers, ensure fidelity, bring about marriage, break up a couple, kill love, bind sexuality, grant protection from love spells, create friendship, invoke helpful spirits, get hunting and fishing luck, attract and draw money, protect money, bring gambling luck, get money or goods back from thieves, protect against theft, ward off physical injury, turn back hostile trolldom, guard against evil eyes and evil tongues, shield from hag riding, set boundaries against hostile spirits, travel safely, prevail in court, win debates, excel in competitions, steal another’s courage, curse enemies, get revenge, put disease on people and livestock, and kill those who deserve it. The book will be mailed to everyone who attends this day.

Sunday starts with a Spiritual Candle Service by Apollo Dark to open your roads and clear obstacles from your path. The service will be followed by a workshop on Conjuring Love, Passion and Glamour by Madame Nadia and Madame Parmita. This workshop will talk about how to use Hoodoo to find love, and how to keep it once you do.  My workshop is next. You will be getting a free copy of my book Bones, Shells, and Curios: A Contemporary Method of Casting the Bones, some goodies for your bone set and a demonstration of my reading method. Bible Magic: Blessing and Cursing with Holy Scripture is next with Miss Michaele and Dr. Charles Porterfield. Both are well versed in scripture and this promises to be a great workshop covering everything from blessings and using the Bible for divination, to curses. Their new book will debut here as well and attendees of this workshop will all be getting a free copy.

Conjureman Ali will be presenting a workshop on Defending Yourself from the Dark Arts. He has subtitled this workshop “Hoodoo Kung-Fu,” or “Conjure Kick-assery!” If you have ever listened to him on the weekly radio show you know it will full of hard-core information. This is information that every spiritual worker needs to know and I  am sure that I will get some powerful new tools for my toolbox in this workshop.  This will be followed by The Vacant Chair: Remembering Dr. E. and Rev. Rukiah Shamon. Both of these outstanding workers have joined the ancestors since the last festival. Attendees who wish to do so will be able to write memories into memory books for their families.

Of course there will be a free buffet lunch each day for all attendees and the food is always excellent and plentiful.  There will be 20 minute reading slots available in between the workshops and many readers will be scheduling longer readings after the workshops end for the day. Here is your chance to get a reading from some of the best readers out there, some of whom have a long waiting list to get a reading through their websites.

I look forward to this festival even when I am not presenting because I get to hang out with old friends,  as well as meet in person people whom I have only heard or read about. This is all in addition to greatly expanding my knowledge of Hoodoo, Rootwork and Divination. I love  being able to exchange tips and techniques with other workers. There are a lot of books available on Hoodoo, and the festival will be the occasion for releasing several new books on the topic. But no matter how good the book is, seeing things demonstrated hands on and being able to ask questions is irreplaceable. I can think of any number of things that I have read that I did not really “get” until I actually saw them being done. This is your chance to see actual practices demonstrated by real workers, to ask questions, and to exchange information with other workers. No matter what your experience level, whether you are new to  Hoodoo or an experienced professional, you will learn techniques that you can apply to your professional practice if you have one, or to your personal life. This is not to be missed. I hope to see you there! Get more information here: http://missionaryindependent.org/hoodoo-heritage-festival-workshops.html

Happy Bone Reading!