There is a travelling gem show that rolls into town every few months. I know from experience that I shouldn’t go. I always end up buying a lot of things that I have great plans for but end up never using. My overflow box for potential bone pieces is pretty full. Yet, I seem unable to resist. Probably because I get a coupon to enter free and it is good for the whole weekend if I go on Friday. There is so much glitter that it almost hurts the eyes, but I am not in search of glitter – I am looking for bone, shells, wood and stone. I will also take a look at the occasional glass or ceramic piece. There is still too much to see even when I limit myself to those materials. I also like Tibetan jewelry but that is off topic. Here are some iPhone shots.

bone beads

Bone Beads

bone neads

Bone Neads

Bones, stones and curios

Bones, stones and curios

Snake vertebrae necklaces

Snake vertebrae necklaces

Various Beads

Various beads, glass and shell

Gem Show

H Glass cases with tiny $100 bill

Here is what I ended up buying.

My Haul

My Haul

Close up of glass case.

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I also got one of the vertebrae necklaces. Fortunately I did a reading yesterday for one of my favorite clients so I feel like this is a business expense. This show travels all over California and I would be surprised if there wasn’t one in most other states too. You have been warned.

 P.S. Wouldn’t this crystal ball clock be cool for timing readings? Sadly, it was outside my price range.


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