rings-used-for-bone-readingRings have a long history of being used as symbols of commitment. The wedding ring as a symbol of commitment to the one we love easily comes to mind. In my bone set I use the ring not only as a symbol of love and marriage, but as a symbol of any type of commitment. It could be a commitment to one’s studies, or to a job, or commitment to pursuing a dream. Of course, it can represent the commitment of marriage too, but that is a commitment that we seldom make, while our day to day lives are full of issues that could benefit from more, or even less commitment.

ring and bowl

A need for, or a need to commit?

Rib and ring

Unable or unwilling to commit?

Most of us have one, or several rings that we don’t wear sitting in our jewelry boxes that could easily be spared for our bone set. Or you may prefer to get a ring that speaks to you specifically for that purpose. Although precious metal jewelry can be rather expensive, you can find suitable rings for next to nothing. I used to use a gold ring that I no longer wore, but now I use a  simple ring carved from bone in my travel set. It cost me  the princely sum of $1.00.

This is a piece that can also lend itself to more personal expression. Perhaps you have your grandmother’s wedding ring, or some other ring that holds special meaning for you. You can let it sit in your jewelry box and gather dust, or you can see if it would be a suitable addition to your bone set.

several bones for bone reading

Over committed?

P.S. I am currently attending school part time, and working on a project so I will be going to a bi-weekly update schedule until further notice.

Happy Bone Reading!