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It’s been a minute. For a spell I sort of ran out of things to say. To be honest, I just didn’t feel like writing so much and so often. But lately, I have been bit by the writing bug. I could attribute it to the current crises, but I have been retired for a while so I was already a homebody, though not to this extreme extent. But whatever, I am here now. I will not be updating weekly this go round, but I will try to let folks know when a new post goes up via social media. You can follow my business page on Facebook.

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My bone set hasn’t changed very much since my last post almost two years ago. I have added a couple of new pieces, and have had a couple of pieces retire themselves for various reasons. There is a piece that I added as a result of a dream is in my set, but I haven’t yet figured out what it means so I am just observing it for now. We will see where it goes.

One new piece I have added is a cougar leg bone that represents the client’s life path. It is a long bone – the largest in my set by far. I look to see what pieces are on or near it to determine where a person is on their life path. The results have been interesting. Sometimes it indicates that the person is doing their life’s work – being a healer for instance. But other times it shows something totally different from what the person is currently doing. More often than not when I bring it to the client’s attention I find that it is something they aspired to, but the reality of rent, food, etc., has made them put their dream on hold. Some of us have been blessed to have always known what they wanted to do with their lives and were able to make their dreams come true early on. The life path bone shows that clearly too. Sometimes it shows that the person’s life has been hard, but will most likely get easier. Sometimes it shows that their life has been blessed, but hard times are in their future. Once in a while there is nothing at all near the bone. Perhaps they are not ready to receive that information, or the spirits are not ready to reveal it just yet. Many of us are still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up, even when we are middle aged, and sometimes even when we are old. I have found this bone to be very insightful and it adds significantly to the depth of most readings.

Cougar leg bone

This is the bone from my set but a found twig will work as well.

I chose the cougar for this bone for this because it is a solitary animal. No matter how many people are in our lives, our life path is ours, and ours alone to walk, run, and stumble on. You could use use a cougar bone for this piece, but a found twig from a tree would work just as well. I think it should have a little length to it so there is room to figure out where they are on their path. It can show what is behind them and what is ahead. It can also just show one or the other. For example it can show what is behind them but not what is ahead, or the opposite – show what is ahead but be silent about what has passed so far. Let me know if you add this bone to your set. I would love to hear whether you found it a useful addition.

I am also going to experiment with leaving the comments section open. I would love to hear how other bone readers are doing things and I am sure my followers would love to hear too. I may not respond to the comments depending on available time so if you have questions about bone reading shoot me an email, or DM me on Facebook. I try to answer all inquiries.

It’s good to be back! Happy Bone Reading!

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