Back in January of this year, I saw this set on Etsy (you can see it towards the bottom of the page). I wrote to the shop owner and inquired about it but I didn’t purchase it at that time. Over the next several months I saw it several more times still available, and in June I purchased it. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised because it was much bigger than I thought it would be. The bag is 10 inches high and 5 inches wide. It consists of a mixture of seeds, nuts, cones, twigs, shells, stones, bones, feathers and sheds. I probably left something out but you can see it for yourself.



I have not tried to read with it but I think I could read with it if I took the time to work with it and assign meanings to the pieces. I review it here because it is an excellent example of the types of things you can add to your bone set for the price of a walk in the woods, or on the beach, or in the park. If I were going to read with it I would greatly reduce the size of the snake shed either cutting it or wrapping it in some way to make it more compact. Over time feathers tend to wear out from tumbling with the other items so I would either remove them or have extra on hand to replace them when they got too worn. The colorful red squares are just crab shells cut into squares. They are sturdy and they add a bit of color to the set. I thought that was very original.

Here I tried to lay the pieces out in like groups:




And here is a picture with both sides of the bag, which is decorated with bones and shells.


Several weeks after I purchased this set the shop put up another, so if you are interested in getting one I suggest contacting the shop:  Wild Wizards Crafts. It is located in the U.K.

Happy Bone Reading!