Butterfly bead and pendant

I have a piece in my bone sets to represent transformation. It is a frog. My first thought when I decided that I needed a piece for this was to use a common and easily recognizable symbol for transformation – a butterfly. I have a couple of butterfly pendants in my jewelry box that I don’t wear very often that were well suited for this. I also have a butterfly bead that I picked up at a local bead shop. But while rummaging through my overflow box I came upon a couple of glass frogs that were gifted to me by an artist friend.  I decided that this was the piece I wanted to use.


Over time I replaced the glass frog with a metal frog that I got on a trip to Portland. I was going to buy it along with a nice pair of earrings. For some reason the clerk told me that I could have the frog – she wasn’t charging me for it. I saw this as a positive sign and it has been in my main set ever since.

Of course there are many symbols for transformation that you can use. The snake comes to mind and snake themed pieces are easy to come by whether you decide to use an actual snake bone, or a representation of a snake. It goes without saying that you can use something that means transformation to you based on your personal life experience even if it is not recognizable as such to other people. A less obvious piece can add an air of mystery and wonder to the reading. You could also choose an abstract piece and assign transformation to it as its meaning.

Snakes and snake bones


Abstract shaped pieces

Pieces of abstract or geometric shape and form can be used to represent any concept

I usually interpret this piece as meaning the person is going through a major life change of some type. It may be related to the issue that the person requested  a reading about, but it might just as well be totally unrelated. While people often request readings when they are faced with an issue in their life that they are having difficulty with, most of the time the issue is not transformative in the way that I interpret this piece. For example a romantic break up can be life altering, but it is not necessarily transformative. The type of transformation this piece represents comes from within. To me this piece is a major change in how we see the world and how we interact with it. It is the type of inner change that can make us quit a secure job and move across the country to be an artist, or drop the religion of our youth and convert to something that our soul is drawn to even if it scandalizes the family and everyone we know. It can seem to be sudden but usually it has been building for a while without outward expression. We may be aware of it happening early on, or we may not become aware of it till later in the process, but usually when this piece is right-side up and I point it out to the person I am reading for, they know exactly what it is talking about.

I have found this piece to be powerful when it comes up in a reading. When it lands face up in a reading it often leads to extending the reading with another throw or to a future reading to explore the topic further. If you think you might find this piece useful in your readings, give it a try.

Happy Bone Reading!