bone throw and notebook

Over the years I have heard many readers of various systems say that they cannot do divination for themselves. While I am no position to dispute those who make this self diagnosis, I personally have no problem reading for myself. In fact I trust my own readings above all others. I still frequent other readers from time to time, but I have usually done my own reading first and the second reading will usually re-affirm what I already read or provide additional insight.

Some people feel that reading for yourself is difficult because there is a temptation to see what we want to see when we read for ourselves. If you already know you have a tendency to do that then perhaps being on guard against it would help – forewarned is forearmed. But don’t let it stop you from honing your skills using yourself as the client.

If time is tight, try throwing just a handful of bones

If time is tight, try throwing just a handful of bones

When you are just starting out with a new divination system, reading for yourself is one of the best ways to learn and gain experience. Try doing a brief bone reading for yourself in the morning and writing it down. If time is of the essence you can just throw a random handful of bones instead of the whole set. Then see how it correlates to your day. If you don’t have time in the morning, do it the night before. You can ask something as simple as “how will my day go tomorrow?” or, “what should I be watchful for tomorrow?” Write down what you see or snap a photo of what you threw then compare it with the events of the day. Was the reading accurate? Did you miss something in the reading that played out during the day? Did you think a piece meant “A,” but found out that it indicated “B” this time, possibly expanding your understanding of a particular bone or piece? Every reading you do will expand your knowledge and experience as a reader. You can do a reading for the week, or month as well.

Reading notebook

If you don’t feel you can overcome the urge to self-read with rose colored glasses, you might want to stick to subjects where your being overly optimistic will have little or no effect on the outcome. By choosing not to read for yourself you lose an ideal client who is always available when you get the urge to practice, and one who will be totally truthful with you about the subject of the reading, and the resultant accuracy.

Happy Bone Reading!