Hoyt's Cologne

I use Hoyt’s Cologne almost daily. If I am reading for someone in person I have the client blow their question into the bones three times. I believe this allows the bones to pick up their “scent” or energy.  When I am finished with the reading and before I go on to the next reading, I like to clear my bones. I do this with Hoyt’s Cologne. Once I put the bones back in the basket I would just cover most of the Hoyt’s Cologne bottle opening with my index finger leaving a small opening, and sprinkle a few drops over the bones, then swirl them around in the basket to distribute it. Recently I have been using a small spray bottle which gets cologne on more of the pieces, while using less of the cologne. Two or three sprays and a swirl does the job, and saves me money on Hoyt’s Cologne.

Why Hoyt’s Cologne? I have no answer other than my ancestors prefer it. Florida Water is often the “go to” product these days for spiritual cleansing work, but I knew instinctively that Florida Water was not right for me for this purpose. That is not to say that it is not right for someone else – I just know it’s not right for me.

Hoyt’s Cologne can also be used to cleanse a new piece, if you are so inclined. I usually use cool water, followed by Florida Water, followed by incense for this purpose, but Hoyt’s Cologne could be used instead of Florida Water if you use the same process I do, or even alone if that was all you felt was needed. Once the new piece is in the set, it gets regular spritzing along with everything else.

After a day of doing a lot of readings, like at a psychic fair, I may smudge the bones with incense as well. Usually I start with a resin or a ready-made incense and add some purifying or cleansing  herbs.

My advice to you is to follow your own instincts in regards to cleansing and refreshing. While my ancestors want Hoyt’s Cologne, maybe your ancestors will want Holy Water, or a sprinkle of Rose water, which by the way is a tradition in some cultures in the Middle East and India.  A beautiful rose water sprinkling bottle also lends a nice air to the setting in which you do your readings.  You could also use Florida Water, either one of the commercial brands, or you can try some of the hand mixed versions available from various vendors. If you are feeling especially adventurous you can even make your own as there are many recipes available on the web. A beautiful bottle is a nice touch and can add to the atmosphere of the reading.

As always, this is a personal practice. You may never clean or refresh your bones and if that works for you, please carry on.

Rose Water Sprinkler from India

Rose Water Sprinkler from India

Happy Bone Reading!