Copper Nugget Bone Reading

I use a couple of pieces to represent healing. One I touched on in this blog post – the broken and healed Possum rib bone. The Possum bone represents a hurt from the past that has already healed. I also have piece that represents ongoing healing – healing that is happening right now. It is a small copper nugget. I grew up seeing, and still occasionally see, advertisements extolling the miraculous healing powers of copper. Copper bracelets for joint pain being the most common. Doing a little research I found that copper is also viewed metaphysically as a healing material.

Copper comes in a large variety of forms. I have seen copper rings, copper thimbles, copper pendants, copper beads, and of course copper nuggets. Any of these pieces would fit nicely in a bone set. The nuggets come in interesting shapes and have a beautiful color and sheen. You might want to stay away from nuggets with rough or pointy protuberances as they might scratch your other pieces.

When I see the nugget near the piece that represents the person, it tells me that the person is healing from something. Nearby pieces can provide more information – the heart, the buck eye that I use for health, a coin, or a particular person – often a parent. But even if the copper nugget is not near anything that can shed light on what the healing is about, if it is close to the client piece I know that some type of active healing is taking place within that person. Mentioning it to the client will often elicit the area being healed.

Of course there are many things that could be used to represent healing – your grandmother’s nursing pin, a small caduceus, a twig with a knot in it, or anything that symbolizes healing to you. It does not have to be recognizable by anyone else.

Many of my clients come to me because they are attempting to work through some type of problem in their lives. When the healing piece is prominent in their reading it often brings a sense of relief or affirmation of what they are already feeling, and what they are trying to achieve. I find it to be a very useful piece in my set.

Bone Divination Set

Happy Bone Reading!