ancestor candleHaving worn out my family and nearby friends with bone readings, I turned to the internet in an effort to practice reading as much as possible. It was my good fortune to be able make arrangements to swap readings with several bone readers, including a few professionals. I learned something new in every reading, whether by email or Skype. I found the email readings to be the most challenging because you don’t have the give and take of personal interaction so aside from the question itself, you are operating 100% blind. However, the readings I received via email were quite good despite the lack of give and take. One thing that made the email readings very useful as a learning tool was the use of photographs. I sent photographs of the throws I had done and I received photographs of the throws done for me. This helped me to understand how the other reader read, and gave me an opportunity to see their bone sets, which is always fascinating to me.

I was also fortunate enough to swap readings with two professional readers – Khi Armand and Madame Nadia. Since they read for clients regularly they were both set up to do Skype readings. Both of these readings were very enjoyable and useful as they allowed me to see and interact with Khi and Madame Nadia as both querents and as readers. Being able to ask and be asked questions about reading styles was very helpful to me as a reader. If you are looking for a professional bone reading I would highly recommend either of these two.

All of the readings done for me were both enlightening and accurate. I believe that my reading style was changed and improved by every exchange. If you can find other bone readers willing to swap readings with you, I strongly recommend you do so.