Dollar Store Diamonds

Dollar Store Diamonds

I have a gem in my travel set. It is a small, glass gem meant to look like a large diamond. In my main set it is a Herkimer diamond. This piece sparkles and catches the light no matter where it is in the reading unless it is completely covered by another piece. It is easy to spot quickly and it screams “look over here!” I use it as a beacon to an important part of the reading.

If it is in or near a group I pay extra attention to that group. I interpret it as being important even if it is far from the client piece. The diamond in my travel set came from the dollar store. It actually came with a large gem and 4 other small gems. I don’t know what the purpose is other than some type of decoration, but as a bone reader my eyes are always peeled for little tchotchkes that can be used in a bone set.

You don’t have to use a diamond or a Herkimer diamond for this purpose. Any piece that is easy to spot quickly due to color, shape, the way it catches the light, or whatever would work well as a “look over here!” piece. One reader I know uses a s mall brass arrow for this purpose and I like that idea as well. If your set only has a few pieces you may not find this useful, but as your set grows in size this piece can help you pinpoint the important issues in a reading.

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