Sample Label

Let me prepare, dress, pray over and burn a candle for you on my candle altar. This service is offered for those who cannot burn candles for themselves and for those who want an extra light burning and prayers said on their behalf in addition to their own work. I will use a candle in an appropriate color for your cause, label it, dress it with complementary herbs and oils, and pray on your behalf. Your label will be made using your photos and your petition. All well known candles, such as Love Me, Come to Me, Reconciliation, Prosperity, Healing, Steady Work, Find a Job, etc., can be done as well as candles unique to your situation if it does not fit into any of the standard categories. Your candle will be placed on my altar and tended daily. The candle will burn for approximately 5 – 6 days. When it has finished burning I will send you a report via email or USPS on how it burned. Your candle will be lit within two days of receiving your payment and you will receive a report within a week of its completion.

After making payment email me your petition, and any photos you would like me to use. You will receive a photo of your candle when it is lit.

Candle  Prepared, Dressed, Prayed Over and Burned on My Candle Altar



Generic Candle

No one in need should be turned away due to lack of funds. If you are in need and can not pay for candle work I will set one small light for you on my candle altar. No report will be sent on this type of candle. 



You can also email me – to discuss your candle needs