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If you are interested in bone reading, the first thing you have to do is get a set of bones. There are a few sources and I expect that there will be more as this method of divination gains popularity. I will list sources at the end of this post.

Doing a reading can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.  Here are some suggested steps:

Lay out your reading surface. Set up your space. Bone reading should be done in an atmosphere of serenity and spirituality. Clear your space and lay out your reading surface adding anything that you find conducive to doing spiritual work. Flowers, a glass or bowl of water, lightly scented incense – anything that helps you communicate with spirit should be added or nearby.

Call the ancestors and any other spirits that you work with. I believe that bone reading is done by the grace and through the auspices of spirit and the ancestors. I always begin by calling deity, my ancestors and the ancestors of the person I am reading for to ask their assistance in the reading.

Think of your question as you mix the pieces. Alternately you can speak the question to the pieces, or blow on the pieces as you think of your question.

Cast the pieces and interpret them. Practice may be necessary to throw smoothly and with a good distribution of pieces.

Thank the ancestors and the spirits for their assistance. Reward them as you feel moved to do so. 

When you cast your pieces take a moment to look over how they fell. Are there any patterns or shapes? Are there easily defined groups? It may be helpful to have a piece that represents the person you are reading for. This gives you a focal point to begin the reading. The reading can start with that piece reading the pieces closest to the focal piece first and going out from there. Likewise, if you added a piece to represent time, you could use that piece as a focal point instead. If the time piece represents “now” you can begin your reading there and move outward. Or you can move from the past, to now, to the future. If you use a cloth with portions marked off, or if you visualize a layout while reading you can look to see which portions have the most pieces and start there, moving to the next portion with a number of pieces and so on. You could also start in the center and read outward.

You will sometimes find you are drawn to a certain piece or section of the reading immediately. Follow that even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the person you are reading for. You may find yourself drawn to something and led to interpret in a way that does not make sense, but when you ask the person you are reading for you often find that they recognize what you are talking about right away. Listen to the ancestors and allow your intellect to get out of the way.

Sources for bone reading sets: